DevOps Automation

Accelerate your development to production pipeline. BoxBoat assists our customers in implementing technology and organizational change focused on reducing software time‐to‐market, limiting defects, and reducing risk by implementing DevOps and automation technologies.

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Implement DevOps and Accelerate

Does your organization want to adopt DevOps, or harden your current practices? Modern DevOps uses automation and process to bridge the gap between your development workflows and production deployments. This helps standardize and accelerate your internal development processes. Maven designs and implements core DevOps technologies to help meet your key organizational needs. From infrastructure automation and developer process to containerization and CI/CD, we can help your organization accelerate software delivery to meet the needs of your end-users.

KEY benefits


DevOps simplifies and standardizes your development and IT / app deployment processes. This improves adoption of internal best-practices, hardens security, minimizes errors, and provides a clearly-defined process for deploying your applications to production and other environments.


DevOps accelerates dev velocity by creating automated processes once code is pushed to version control systems. This enables developers to rapidly test new features, and determine the impact to dependencies. This also minimizes the load on your dev and IT teams, letting them focus on implementing key features.

Reduce Costs

DevOps helps reduce overhead costs by enabling developers, IT, and operations teams to focus on their mission critical tasks. Integrations between teams are automated, making each group significantly more effective at delivering results. In addition, DevOps automation reduces risk by increasing compliance.


DevOps accelerates dev velocity by creating automated processes once code is pushed to version control systems. This enables developers to rapidly test new features, and determine the impact to dependencies. This also minimizes the load on your dev and IT teams, letting them focus on implementing key features.

Automation Technology

The crux of DevOps is automation - from on-premise and cloud infrastructure to build, test, and deployment pipelines, automation standardizes your processes as code. BoxBoat helps organizations design, build, and optimize their automation technology. We're comfortable using tools like Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins and everything in-between. There isn't a tool that we haven't worked with.

Infrastructure as Code

Tools like Ansible and Terraform enable you to codify your entire infrastructure into code, and automatically provision your clusters both on-premise and in the cloud. We'll capture your infrastructure requirements, and create the necessary artifacts to fully automate your infrastructure process whether they include on-premise, cloud, or hybrid resources.

Continuous Integration

Tools like Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and GoCD help you automate the process of testing and integrating your software applications. This enables you to catch errors "early and often," so your developers can quickly develop new features and your operations team is confident that they'll work properly. Building and testing code has never been easier.

Continuous Delivery

Once you've automated your build and test processes, Continuous Delivery helps automate deploying your applications to higher environments like Staging, UAT, and Production. We'll integrate with your current processes to simplify and accelerate deploying applications so you can test and deliver new features faster and more reliably, while minimizing the overhead to do so.

Container Modernization

Modernizing your processes and application components goes hand-in-hand with building your DevOps pipelines. Modern deployment technologies like Docker and Kubernetes seamlessly integrate into the DevOps lifecycle. In addition, they provide significant advantages to traditional application deployment models, including a host of new features that will help you deliver a more reliable product.

Docker Containers

Docker is a cutting edge technology that lets you package your software applications into lightweight images and containers. This simplifies the process of managing, monitoring, and deploying your applications across a dynamic set of physical and virtualized infrastructure, while improving application density, stability, and uptime.

Kubernetes Orchestration

Deploying your Docker applications with an orchestration system like Kubernetes will significantly enhance your built-in capabilities. Kubernetes provides high availability, zero downtime updates, and more to your containerized applications. In addition, it helps minimize IT overhead and management costs.

Enterprise Platforms

There are many enterprise container platforms such as Rancher, Docker Enterprise, and several managed solutions. We'll deploy, configure, and automate the most effective platform for your use-cases and requirements. Regardless if you are deploying on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, you'll be using containers in no time.


We treat security as a first-class citizen. We always bake security into our initial automation processes so you are confident that standards are being enforced. From infrastructure as code to continuous integration and delivery, we'll make sure your processes codify security standards that meet your organizational requirements, and harden your application delivery model as much as possible.

Image Scanning

We'll configure CVE scanning for all of your software applications deployed as Docker containers. Your IT and Security teams can get a full bill-of-materials for every dependency in each application deployed, configure failure conditions based on attack surface, and create a full audit path for every application deployed to production.

Secrets Management

Modern applications require access to sensitive information, ranging from credentials to communicate with a database, or certificates for mutual TLS. We'll design and build secrets management platforms so you can securely deploy and revoke sensitive information to and from your applications with a fully automated process.

Reports and Audits

Once an incident occurs, determining and fixing the source of failure is of paramount importance. We'll build and configure the necessary logging and monitoring systems to create audit reports for your internal teams, as well as industry regulators. You'll have a full breadth- and depth-focused view of every configuration change made to all of your systems.