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Achieve your Digital Transformation goals by modernizing your applications. Modern applications help bridge the gap between customer expectations and your business objectives. Adopt new technologies and deliver the best user experience possible.

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Develop your App Containerization Strategy

Are you considering containerizing your applications? Containerized applications provide significant advantages, including built-in high availability, disaster recovery, proactive security and more efficient communication paradigms. Legacy applications simply can't keep up. Maven helps organizations develop and implement their application containerization strategies by navigating the constantly evolving landscape of new technologies. We leverage our deep experience working with over 100 clients including Fortune 100 companies and startups.

Key Benefits


Modern applications are built with automation in mind. From seamless integrations with infrastructure to supporting CI/CD out of the box, these technologies help you rapidly respond to changing market dynamics and the needs of your customers. Plus, they can help reduce overhead costs.

Reduce Cost

Although modernizing software requires an initial investment, benefits in the form of reduced capital expenditures including licensing are realized almost immediately. We've helped organizations develop modern applications and cut licensing costs within the first year of deployment.


Modern applications not only use the newest libraries and strategies to harden their security, but also interface with your current tools to seamlessly integrate into your current security posture. In addition, container technology can significantly harden your applications and protect your users.

Reduce Cost

Although modernizing software requires an initial investment, benefits in the form of reduced capital expenditures including licensing are realized almost immediately. We've helped organizations develop modern applications and cut licensing costs within the first year of deployment.

Microservice Architecture

Modern applications improve user experience and uptime while decreasing capital expenditure and technical debt. BoxBoat helps organizations modernize legacy applications into microservices by designing robust architectures to leverage cloud native technologies while seamlessly integrating into current organizational processes.


Before we do any implementations, we'll meet with your developers, architects, and leadership team to determine if migrating to microservices is a good fit within your organization. Then we'll put together a concrete plan that includes organizational strategy, technology recommendations, and a set of milestones to get the job done.


We'll help you design a robust architecture that will be fault tolerant and improve user experience. We've helped clients migrate to microservices on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid environments across multiple industries including: finance, gaming, e-commerce, scientific computing, higher education, and utility providers.


We can help you productize your application, and everything that comes with this process. From improving your developer workflow to applying automation to both testing and customer deployments, we can make it easier for customers to adopt your products in the cloud, on-premise, and in hybrid or at the edge environments.

Container Orchestration

More and more organizations are adopting container technologies to deliver their legacy and microservice applications in the cloud and on-premise. With Docker and Kubernetes, you can leverage the key benefits of orchestration to simplify the deployment and management of your applications, while taking advantage of advanced capabilities including built-in high availability, hardened security, and improved performance.


Docker is a cutting edge technology that lets you package your software applications into lightweight images and containers. This simplifies the process of managing, monitoring, and deploying your applications across a dynamic set of physical and virtualized infrastructure, while improving application density, stability, and uptime.


Deploying your Docker applications with an orchestration system like Kubernetes will significantly enhance your built-in capabilities. Kubernetes provides high availability, zero downtime updates, and more to your containerized applications. In addition, it helps minimize IT overhead and management costs.

Enterprise Platforms

There are many enterprise container platforms, we'll help you figure out which one will meet your enterprise requirements. From on-premise datacenters to fully managed cloud environments, we've worked with many companies to help them build, configure, and deploy enterprise container platforms.

Enterprise Assessments

Making the jump to microservices, containers, and the latest cloud native technology can be a daunting task for your organization. We'll perform an assessment to help determine the proper course of action for your startup, team, or enterprise to align technology adoption with your business goals.


Startups are able to quickly adopt new application deployment paradigms. We'll determine the proper modernization strategies to help your startup rapidly accelerate feature development to help grow your customer base, while minimizing the impact to your bottom line.


We can assess and help your small- to medium-sized team develop a strategy to adopt modern application paradigms including microservices and containerization. We'll focus on how the new technology fits within your current processes, and put together a plan to help your team achieve its goals.


Large organizations require a more in-depth assessment process to build a roadmap suitable for enterprise adoption. We'll work with several of your teams, architects, and leadership stakeholders to determine the proper strategy to align your business goals with new technology adoption.

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