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We recognize the distinctive and complex technical and business issues you encounter. We build products to meet the needs of large and small businesses. Our highly skilled and experienced team designs, deploys, and enhances your software assets in line with your growth strategies.

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Digital Platform Strategy

Determine the right tooling, business strategy, and processes to adopt cutting edge technologies like Kubernetes. Learn more.

Platform Engineering

Determine the most efficient strategy to to deploy and manage your cloud infrastructure, using cloud services where appropriate. Learn more.

Kubernetes Platforms

Containerize your software and deploy your applications with Kubernetes, in the cloud, on-premise, or at the edge. Learn more.

DevOps Automation

Develop new features faster by automating your software delivery and deployment pipelines while minimizing IT overhead. Learn more.

Application Containerization

We'll containerize your software applications, harden their security, and minimize their footprint. Learn more.

Enterprise Software Development

Let us build software solutions for your business. Our highly experienced teams design, release, and expand your software assets. Learn more.

Training and Enablement

Gain hands-on experience with cutting edge technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes, and learn how to operate them.

Technology migration

Our overall expertise in the web helps us to complete technology migrations quickly, effectively and with no data loss. Don’t let legacy code or an outdated platform hamper your business!


We can provide 24/7 support for the infrastructure and orchestration layers that power your modern applications.

Managed Services

Develop your applications, we'll handle deploying them in the cloud on our Managed Kubernetes platform. Learn more.

Modern Challenges Require Modern Solutions

The modern business must respond to a constantly changing technology landscape. From DevOps to Kubernetes, cloud vendors, managed services, and enterprise strategy, we can help your organization maximize the benefits of new technologies.

Internal Developer Platform

Platform engineering is an emerging technology approach that accelerates the delivery of applications and the pace at which they produce business value.

DevOps and Automation

DevOps and automation including continuous integration and delivery enable organizations to rapidly deploy new code.

Kubernetes and Docker

Kubernetes and Docker enhance security, simplify the software delivery process and standardize DevOps across organizations.

Security and Auditing

New technologies and platforms are inherently more secure than legacy systems, we can help you implement them correctly.

Your Digital Transformation Journey

No two engagements are the same. We've worked with mdall-scale startups, multi-national corporations, and everyone in-between. Through our experiences, we've developed an engagement strategy that maximizes results while keeping projects in scope.
Engage with an expert
Talk to one of our Solutions Architects, so we can understand your unique problems and goals.
We'll come on site, meet your team, end help dive into your most challenging problem.
We'll build proof of concept and then harden and automate it, so you are ready for production.
Training and support
We'll train your entire team, so they understand the technology, and provide continued support.



Smart, functional and scalable solutions with Symfony, Node.JS, React and more.


5 star, user-friendly mobile apps leveraging proven technologies such as React Native.


We care deeply about applying the right technology stack when building modern, specialized products. To make the best selection, we focus heavily on architecture and value delivery. It means that the client’s idea and business model dictate what tools we choose. No time spent on unnecessary tech. Only time-tested and reliable instruments.




Maven‘s front-end developers follow the latest trends, use the world's best practices, and regularly collaborate with each other and the rest of the community. The front-end technology stack is built on proven infrastructure that includes but is not limited to HTML5, CSS, React, and VueJS.



For the back-end technologies, Maven builds using systems that have high reliability and resilience. The primary core technology for a back-end is the Symfony framework, but in the case of high load, real-time systems, we choose Erlang. For data storage, we use PostgreSQL or MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis. For hosting Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, RackSpace, or Digital Ocean.




A passion for new technologies and innovations is in the Maven DNA. We believe that the mobile component should be the top priority. We develop our cross-platform mobile applications using Native React. By combining this with our unified APIs, Maven can deliver an impeccable look and intuitive feel for the app on both Android and iOS.



Integration with 3rd party services like social networks or mapping services is a critical component of any modern technology solution. Maven’s developers have implemented a multitude of integrations that ensure all the necessary, up-to-date functionality. It takes minutes to connect to popular services like Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, Google Maps, Yelp, Mailchimp, and so on.


The team

Above all, Maven is a family of passionate professionals who shares the same values and vision. We are happy to work together, play together, and overcome challenges together.

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Clients about us


With Maven we cooperate a few years already. They are fully engaged in the technical support of our online store. And we are completely satisfied with the quality of work, terms, and quality of service. Thanks to a dedicated account manager! We have a feeling that we have our own onboard technical team, not the remote one.

Arie Timmer Design & Marketing Director @ Babypark

Maven is an extremely valuable resource for me. They provide high-quality software development work, they are efficient and transparent, they are very good at customer service, and they are time-zone friendly. Most importantly, they always deliver a strong ROI.

Matt McCarrick Founder & CEO @ SkillSetz

When we looked at Maven as part of our selection process and had our first meeting, it was clear that you were the best fit for our company. We looked for people who cared about the project, the mission and had the technical skills to bring it all together. You made us confident we could do it.

Aman Brar Product Owner @ Printkick

We are pleased with the work of the Maven team. We enjoy that members of the Maven team are not only strong in technical questions but also have a high level of expertise in business. They always know how to help us with Magento related questions or any other tech inquiries. At the same time, we love detail orientation, accurate documentation and fast learning process of any member of the Maven team.

Irina Kelner Co-founder @ ARS

Andrew is a solid technical leader who consistently impresses us with his technical prowess and in ensuring that his team also builds to the same high standard. He is driven, understands the business problems he is trying to solve for and is willing to go the distance to get the job done! Thanks, Andrew.

Salman Siddiqui Chief-of-Product @ BuyerQuest

Working with Andrew has been a great experience. He is deeply knowledgeable, reliable and gets things done on time. I know the job is going to get done very well when Andrew is involved We have been beyond satisfied and highly recommend his services!

Aviva Weiss CEO @ Fun and Function

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