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Maven’s Results and Achievements of 2022

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2022 was a year to remember. More challenging than usual, it changed the whole world for us as Ukrainians and put many things upside down forever. Despite all the instability, some things do not change – our excellent delivery and continuous growth in spite of anything.

Reflecting on the past year and how we’ve grown, let’s dive into Maven’s results and achievements of 2022.


Maven is now older. In 2022 we celebrated 12 years of our company being on the market. There are many years to go further, especially when we recall one particular thing – the birth of Maven Solutions.

Maven Solutions has become a new area of business that offers full-cycle product development services for medium and large companies in different industries worldwide. Noticing the need for providing software solutions aligned with business strategy as a whole rather than some aspects of it, we created a powerful service that combined all of our years of experience and expertise to result in a complex solution that will benefit you in the most effective final product. In the upcoming year, we plan to launch a new exciting service, which aims to help companies make application modernization faster and more efficient than ever before.

Another achievement for us is being shortlisted as one of the Top Ecommerce Developers in 2022. The list presents reliable and efficient companies well-known for delivering quality on time for reasonable prices, and it is a supreme pleasure to be recognized for our high work standards.

Last but not least, Maven, as a company, paid up to $100,000 in taxes to support the economy of Ukraine. Since the full-scale invasion of Russia in 2022, we have been donating a part of our profits to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine in general. Each of our team members contributes to the country’s peace individually as well, making us extremely proud of them once again.

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With the start of the full-scale war, we first focused on everyone’s safety and well-being. Each of Maven’s team members relocated to more secure parts of the country, which allowed us to quickly resume the workflow and continue delivering high-level results productively. Not only did we keep the previous state of the company’s workforce, but the team also grew by 20%, with some of the teams expanding to twice their size.

Despite the hard times, we were able to hold 3 offline meetings, 4 global online get-togethers, numerous one-on-one appointments, and many skill-upgrading educational activities. In 2022 we held a 5-month English Speaking Club, 2 knowledge improvement courses within our Manager’s club, and a lot of departmental meetings to improve employees’ specific skills.

Maven’s team earned 12 certificates, including ICP (ICAgile Certified Professional), ICP-ATF (ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Team Facilitation), and KMP (Kanban System Design).


As of the beginning of 2023, we have 15 ongoing projects, and 50% of our clients have been continuing to cooperate with us for 5+ years already. In 2022 we created 5,120 tasks and completed 4,072 of them. Compared to 2020, last year we made 55% more releases and 3 times more new projects.

While the numbers are significant, we deeply care about our clients’ satisfaction. That being said, not only did it stay at a constant high level compared to previous years, but grew higher. We did not lose any clients and only improved connections with existing ones while also starting to work with the new inspiring projects.


Just like in previous years, we set big goals for the new one. 2023 will be the lucky 13th year of Maven’s existence. As always, we will focus on our clients’ successful transformations and bigger earnings, the team’s job satisfaction and well-being, the country’s peace and development, the company’s high-quality result and productivity, as well as everyone’s growth and satisfaction in general.

We are happy to continue a tradition of celebrating each year’s achievements and grateful for everyone’s progress and cooperation last year. Whatever 2023 brings, we are ready for it. Now let’s hop on and get the new year started immaculately!

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